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A word on slowing down

By: Sarah Dew Whitsett

At times there can be a frantic energy of do, do, do. It’s a hurry up and get it done energy and while sometimes this is fantastic for your business, sometimes it’s actually not fantastic at all. 

I’m n­­ot sure if it’s the rush to the end of the year or maybe Mercury is somehow involved but there seems to be a lot of this lately. 

Folks are focusing on the doing, the tasks that “need” to be completed, and are forgetting to consider each and every time a decision is made: “is this the RIGHT next step?”

If you’ve ever seen the movie UP you will remember the little dog who is always getting distracted by the “squirrel.” He is always on the go and ready to help, but he get’s easily distracted by what he thinks is the coolest thing… a squirrel.  

This may be you if you find yourself updating a handout so it’s just right, even though you haven’t made any follow up calls in a month and your biggest issue right now is getting clients. 

It feels good to be working on updating that handout and even better when it’s done. But truth is, it has no bearing in the next week or even month of revenue, but making those follow up calls would. 

If you are rushing to get a webinar sequence out the door but aren’t exactly sure what the details of the program you will be offering are, you may be caught in this cycle. 

Look, I am the first one to admit that checking things of my “to-do” list is one of my MOST favorite things to do.  

I am however inviting you to take a pause before adding things to your list in the first place. 

If you find yourself desperately wanting to add something to your list. Take a few minutes, think it through, what actually needs to be done first, is this the RIGHT next step? 

Let’s slow our decisions down a beat and focus on what’s most important today. 


Sarah is cofounder and strategist at Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting agency. She’s all action and no beating around the bush. A former intensive care unit nurse, if you look closely, you’ll see her continuing to run triage in her work with clients now. It’s in her bones. Sarah’s ears are tuned to the efficient and effective use of time, money, and effort, and which actions need to be taken in which order to get the result you want.

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