Are you hearing what I am hearing out there?

By: Rebecca Liston

What started out as an attempt to write a very meaningful newsletter about the importance of creating a plan for September (because, really, it does feel like the New Year to me), took a sudden turn today.

Instead, I’ve found myself divulging a rather personal experience, as if you were somehow part of it all.

Perhaps you are?

It’s the strangest thing, really. It started about a week ago. Any time that I would sit in silence, I would get the feeling that there was something I was meant to be hearing, but couldn’t quite. Instead of hearing it, it was more like I could feel it, you know? When you just know something is THERE, on the edge of your awareness, and your body is poised to recognize it, to claim it, but cannot. That was the feeling I had.

As the last 7 days have passed, this sound has grown. What began as only a feeling took shape…and has since grown stronger.

It is, Dear One, the sound of the drum.

Slow, barely there at first, it has increased now to a level I can hear without straining, though it is still not overly-loud. It is now not only the strong, steady beat of one drum, but that one drum has been joined by others. I hear them growing in number, growing in volume, carefully and mindfully increasing in speed.

There is nothing frantic about this drum beat.
Nothing alarming.
But its slow, steady, confident, and precise beat is calling to me.

Perhaps you’re hearing it too.

As I listen, slowly my vision comes into focus and I can see the drummers as well: Warriors.

Warriors of different nations…different cultures. Different genders. In different dress. Some with splendid headgear. Some with elaborate makeup. Some with weapons. Some without.

They are Warriors of the World, and they are walking together as they each drum a single beat, repeatedly, in unison.


I imagine that is the word that is being repeated with each beat, and indeed, other drummers have joined this procession so I know that there are many of them, calling together.

“Come…join us…walk with us…steadily…on purpose…with intention,” they call to me.

“Come…walk with us…BE with us…move forward…with Us,” they say.

In my mind, I ask where they are going.

Not one of these Warriors meets my eye, so intent is their gaze upon the horizon. They simply continue to drum.


“But WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?” I ask louder, thinking perhaps they just didn’t hear me the first time. I am feeling a little agitated. Why can’t they just answer me one little question?

Again, not one of them meets my eye. Not one of them answers. Onward they go.


And now I am frustrated! Annoyed! These damn drummers have shown up in my quiet space, they’re drumming away in that maddeningly precise and careful way that’s so effing perfect and they keep telling me to come with them and, bloody hell, not one will tell me where the eff we are going!!

“WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?” I demand, leaping in front of one of them, defiantly staring up at him, eyes blazing. “Tell me!!!”

The drums continue.

The Warriors walk on.

But this one man stops.

And he looks at me, quizzically: “It matters not where the road leads, young one. What matters is that you’re willing to go.”

He rejoins the group and I am left there. Alone. Staring off into the space that they’ve left, hearing the drumbeat shifting away into the distance.

Willing to go?

Am I, once again, being asked, being called, to Journey forth from my own “Couch of Comfort” (as our beloved Stella calls it)?

I didn’t expect this.

Not now.

Shit, didn’t I just get Home from my last Journey?!?

I’m puzzled but I am not experiencing what I often feel when I am about to Heed the Call. There is no terror this time; just puzzlement.

The Warrior who spoke to me calls back just as they are exiting my visual awareness: “It’s time, young one. Join us.”

And I am intrigued by this lack of fear, by the lack of any anxiety what-so-ever about this possibility of yet another Journey. Instead, I lean into his energy.

This is a different sort of Journey that is Calling. One I am taking with many Others. It is steady. Precise. Focused. Unified.

Powerful AF.

I am quite suddenly aware that my weapons are at my feet. My boots laced. My headpiece in place.

My drum in my hand.

“I am coming!” I call out.

And with an air of curiosity, a feeling of adventure brewing in my heart, I cross the threshold and join them.

“Where are you going,” you ask me now, as you hear my own drum begin to beat.

“I’ve no idea,” I reply, “but I know it will be Grand.”

And with a soft giggle and a smile, I see you lace up your own boots, grab your own gear, and hit the road alongside me.

It’s great to have you along, Dear One. Let’s see what Grand Adventures await us this time.

Rebecca Liston is cofounder and business intuitive at Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting agency. She specializes in anchoring folks in a clear-eyed understanding of which path is theirs for the taking. She’s got one foot in the land of the subtle and unseen, and the other foot firmly planted in the land of ruthless pragmatism. Oh, and she swears like a sailor, which makes us love her more.

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