(And we are mighty glad for that.)

We know that the road that brought you here has been full of twists and turns… and the sorts of vistas that take your breath away. Oh, the stories you could tell! It’s been thrilling. Joyous. Sometimes a bit sad. Once in awhile, it’s even been downright scary.

And now? The time has come for you to set out on the next leg of road. You’ve got an idea or two (or three or eight) about where you may be headed. You’ve got a sense of it, even if you can’t see the full view from here. And even though you’re not (yet) fully sure how it’s all going to play out, the thing you do know for certain is that you don’t want to walk this next leg alone.

You’re in good company. We’re Stella and Rebecca – and we’re the sorts of folks who love a good journey more than just about anything else. In fact, we love it so much, we started a business together called Las Peregrinas, women who walk.

We believe that business is a journey. That you have work that belongs just to you – and so do we.  That when you infuse the energy of your work into your singular strategy, marketing, operations, and choices, it feels right in your bones – and resonates with the people you serve. And that we do our best work when we’re walking alongside others as they do the same.

As a copywriter-consultant and an intuitive business coach, we’ve supported clients with everything from sales strategies to website writing and design; revamping their rates to keening their marketing messages; to navigating personal and spiritual dilemmas along the way. Between us, we’re packing more than 30 years’ experience in this industry, and now we’re doing our best work yet.
Wherever your path is headed, let’s go there, together.
Because when good people walk alongside other good people, it puts magic in all our socks.

So where would you like to begin?



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