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Looking for a coach? Hire Rebecca

By: The Trio at Las Peregrinas


You may have heard this said before but it bears repeating: Rome was not built in a day. And neither will your business be.

Along the way, there will be a zillion and one decisions to make, a thousand ideas to filter through (sometimes that many in a day!), and four hundred million plans to implement.


There will be blood, sweat, and tears shed.


There will be a kazillion celebrations. Hundreds upon hundreds of joys – both large and small. And at least a giggle or two (sometimes that many in a minute!)

It’s a powerful journey to choose, that of the entrepreneur. And we believe it is best done when you’ve someone to walk alongside you.


So make sure you have your team convened to support not just your business but the rest of you. It is all connected and this very well be one of the biggest adventures you embark on in your life. You need support for the rest of you. Your family members will thank you for it as well as your future self. Don’t muscle through it, get the support you deserve.


Rebecca has:

-Built a successful wellness practice with multiple practitioners in her town of London, Ontario (she was a homeopath in her early days)

-Taught other wellness practitioners how to structure their teams, schedules, client acquisition and retention processes, and effectively market their businesses in her program, Making Your Practice Profitable

-Been a 6-time nominee for the Royal Bank of Canada’s Business Woman of the Year award

-Served as advisor to multi-six figure entrepreneurs and executives of multinational companies

Interested? Email hello@lasperegrinas.org to have a conversation about working with Rebecca.

At Las Peregrinas, we believe that every single one of us has work that is ours alone to do in the world. And so we help each of our clients get clear on what that work is for them, and then design and grow their business from that placeBecause when you do, it puts magic in your socks.

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