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My pledge to you for 2020

By: Rebecca Liston

At the end of every year, I like to peer ahead in time and feel into what is to come. And it is with great delight and a certain sense of reverence that I will share with you the Theme of 2020. 

This year, dear Ones, is the Year of Remembering. And I’ve decided to kick it off with a Pledge from Me to You:

I will remember You.

I will remember you not as a black woman, or a fat man, or a non-binary, gender-nonconforming person.

Not as that woman I met in 2013 at that conference in So-Cal who annoyed me with her constant questions.

Not as that man who laughed at my memes on social media, struck up a business relationship with me, and then sent me pictures of his penis.

I shan’t remember you as rich or poor. As a driver-of-Jeeps. Or as an eater-of-mashed-potatoes.

I shan’t even remember you as a person who could or could not accurately spell “potatoes.”

I shan’t remember you as the guy from Missouri or the gal from Florida, as the mother of all those kids, or as the father of one. 

And I shan’t remember you as the sales coach, the interior designer, or the copy writer either. 

No. I shan’t remember you as any of those things.

But I will remember You. I pledge to you that I will.

I will remember you as the Light that you are. As the glorious, fan-fucking-tastic Being that is wrapped up in muscles and skin and immersed in the details of what we call A Life here on Earth.

I will remember you as a Feeling. And that Feeling will always be the Feeling of Love. And I will hold you in my memory with tenderness and compassion. 

I will remember you and I will Honour you. I will Honour your Brightness of Being, the Frequency at which you Resonate, and the Song that I hear pouring forth from your Heart.

And I will remember that we are all Here, Together, in THIS Moment, in this year of 2020 to do but one thing:

To Remember.

To Remember Who We Are.

To Remember What We Came Here To Be…and To Do.

But mostly to Remember One Another, as I pledge to Remember You.

Rebecca Liston is cofounder and business intuitive at Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting agency. She specializes in anchoring folks in a clear-eyed understanding of which path is theirs for the taking. She’s got one foot in the land of the subtle and unseen, and the other foot firmly planted in the land of ruthless pragmatism. Oh, and she swears like a sailor, which makes us love her more.

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