Social media got you down? Las Peregrinas

Social media got you down?

By: Stella Orange

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

I’m astonished by how deeply social media has flattened the collective notion about what “getting out there” and “showing up” actually *is*.

That’s not a criticism; it’s taken me years to accept that I prefer conversations and handwritten notes to develop and nurture professional relationships, not “posting”.

But what’s been noteworthy lately is how I’m beginning to hear more people articulate what it is about marketing on social media that feels off to them.

Among some of the things I’ve heard:

* “It’s a one-way street”

* “I can’t feel the nuance, subtlety, or even the gentle not-knowing that I can sense when I’m with someone face to face”

* “I don’t like leaving a thought or idea out there, without my presence standing with it and with the other person”

This is not to say that all social media is “bad”… but it is to say that we keep having conversations about how it’s okay to not be on social media, because as a platform it feels “off” or doesn’t jive with how you move through the world as a professional or a human being.

And the corollary to that: if you find yourself getting jammed up or stymied about posting to social media, maybe that’s information for you — could you be more of a “conversation with one person” person… or a “get in the room and speak to the people” person… or a “pick up the phone and call your people” person?

Now, if it does end up being true that you are a person like that, I wonder… what could happen if you accepted that about yourself and made THAT the center of your marketing and relationship nurturing activities?

And took back whatever energy you’ve been putting into feeling bad about “not posting” or “not doing social media”…

… and instead, you redirected that recovered energy into methods that HAVE borne fruit, success, and business for you in the past?

Big love,

Stella is cofounder and copywriter at Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting agency. As our resident word nerd, she writes copy and points out the stories everyone is living and telling through their work. She is also fun at parties.

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