Speed in Business? Overrated!

By: The Trio at Las Peregrinas


There’s a special something that happens when we mix certain well-chosen elements together over low heat and stir slowly.

The best pasta sauce I ever ate was created in this way. Succulent tomatoes fresh off the vine, herbs from the garden, garlic, salt… and heaven-only-knows-what-else-because-the-recipe-was-a-secret.

I once had chili made in this way, too, and boy, was it good.





The process of cooking in this way is indeed about choosing the “right” ingredients for the dish that blend together and cause one another to “pop” and “shine” in our mouths. It’s about taking time and care in the creation of the dish. It’s about applying just the perfect amount of heat. And stirring. Mindfully. With gentleness and joy.

And it’s about tasting, too, and adding a dash of this or that as flavours begin to coalesce and weave together.

And it’s about sharing, too, and the joy on the faces of those who eat our beloved creation, and fill their bellies with the product of our efforts.

This is cooking. 

It is art. 

And it is also, in my opinion, what it is to build a business.

You need a vision for what you wish to create.
You need a plan for how you will create it.
You need the right ingredients.
You need to be mindful in your movements and decisions as you create.
You need to adapt as you go.
And you need to share what you create with others, using words that bring them to the table (so to speak), so that we may all benefit from your work in the world.

And this is how we, at Las Peregrinas, support our clients as they build their businesses. We make sure that all the key elements are covered: Vision. Plans. Proper Ingredients. Mindfulness. Adaptive Responses. And kick-butt Marketing to spread the word. 

(Over to Sarah to tell you why this is so critical for sustainable growth)


Thank you Rebecca, for making my mouth water! Just like any delicious meal your strategic growth also wants to be prepared with care and love. I think it was Stella, years ago, who got me thinking about the difference between gourmet marketing and fast food marketing. This is exactly that, only with your business as a whole. If you are reading this, it tells me that creating a delicious, thoughtful business that will nourish your life and the lives of your clients, is what’s important to you. Great, so let’s put aside the idea that we can build a business quickly and cheaply and have it nourish us into old age. It can’t. 

I’ve never met a healthy 90-year-old who flourished on Big Macs and French fries. 

We work with people to create the perfect recipe just for them and their business and we work on it until we get it right. 


One of our Advisory Clients, we’ll call her G., is planning a fall event. So we began our work focusing on her marketing message and marketing strategy for this event, which is now in its fourth year. Rebecca and I met with G. to outline the overarching theme for the event, tweak the sub-themes for each of the three days so they matched the main theme, and refine what she asked her guest speakers and sponsors, so that their messages would resonate with the caliber of attendees G. attracts. 

(Side bar from your correspondent: did you know that many boilerplate signature talks are actually ‘tuned’ to resonate with the struggle-and-overwhelm crowd? If your clientele have healthy self-esteem, they will not see themselves in or connect with that message.)

From there, I rewrote her sales page and related event marketing collateral. G. and Sarah met to map out her marketing strategy and set up a marketing calendar. G. and Rebecca met to attune G. to who her ideal clients are… and are not… debriefing her sales calls in real time.

But the kicker? Once that all got rolling, G. is now applying to speak on national stages. When she, Rebecca and I sat down this month to map out the message for that talk, all we had to do was open up the message document from her event – and lo and behold – her message is already there. So now, as I sit down this week to write her application copy, all I need to do is refine her existing message with what we’ve learned about it over the last stretch of road. 

That is the beauty of working with a team that holds your marketing message with you. (Oh, and G. would say, also the fact that I’m writing the application for her, the sort of task which makes her as a speaker and visionary go cross-eyed.) 

Curious about working with us as your Advisory Council? Read the full details here: https://lasperegrinas.org/consulting-las-peregrinas/

At Las Peregrinas, we believe that every single one of us has work that is ours alone to do in the world. And so we help each of our clients get clear on what that work is for them, and then design and grow their business from that placeBecause when you do, it puts magic in your socks.

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