Stop writing marketing

By: The Trio at Las Peregrinas


Homing, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, relates to “an animal’s ability to return to its territory after traveling away from it.”

I believe we all have a homing instinct. I believe it is what keeps us moving through that crappy part of the Hero’s Journey wherein we feel like we’ll never get through the Belly of the Beast. I believe it is what keeps us placing one foot in front of the other, always, even when we feel as though we may never make it. It’s an instinct, deep within, that keeps us journeying forward, on our way Home.

Through the ages, people have utilized many tools that support us in this process of Homing. Some of us whip out a map and compass. Some of us sing a little ditty. Some of us talk. Some of us sit in reverent silence. Heck, Winnie-the-Pooh simply followed the gurgling of his tummy that was leading him to the honey pot in his cupboard when he got lost! 

And some of us? 

Some of us write our way Home.


I can’t tell you how helpful the act of writing has been for me over the years. I am not talking about copy, I’m talking about just writing with a simple prompt with the intention to learn more about a situation or to figure out what I actually think about something. When we write simply with the intention of personal development, it can open up awareness that we may have otherwise missed. 

It is a practice I do routinely, and it’s a technique for increasing awareness and personal development that has great value to me. Which is why we offer Writing Your Way Home. This act of writing is critical to anyone who is growing a company. It brings you home to you, so your company can come along with you. 

Because what is more important than a business that fits you?


Listen. Most people’s marketing is crap.

And the REASON it’s garbage is that they are trying to write from a formula.

And those formulas, as you know, are flipping AWFUL! 

I mean, yeah, they work, if you are trying to connect with people who are not already connected with themselves.

They work, if you want to resonate with people who make decisions based on fear, scarcity, and a mistaken belief in their own not-enoughness. 

But if you want to resonate with a different sort of clientele…

You really need to stop writing that kind of marketing. 

I promise you: you have other options.

Once you’ve gotten that corny and canned writing out of your system, you will have cleared a space for something much more potent and alluring to emerge.

How do you do THAT?

I’ll show you some of my favorite moves in Writing Your Way Home. 

Next Writing Your Way Home starts August 16 — Email for course outline, dates, and pricing. 

At Las Peregrinas, we believe that every single one of us has work that is ours alone to do in the world. And so we help each of our clients get clear on what that work is for them, and then design and grow their business from that placeBecause when you do, it puts magic in your socks.

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