The business case for Writing Your Way Home

By: The Trio at Las Peregrinas


Once upon a time, there began a phenomenon in which service-based, solo business owners were told that there was One Way to Build a Successful Business. This One Way typically involved elements such as:  Sales Funnels, Webinars That Sell, Selling From The Stage, Charging What You’re Worth, Attending (and Hosting) Big Live Three-Day Events, Building Your Business in 7 Steps (that you had to follow, in order, or else!), and so on. 

The phenomenon was so massive and so successfully-marketed that even the most accomplished and brilliant business owners found themselves feeling like they were missing out on some Secret Sauce that would, without fail, increase their business ten-fold. In 90 days or less. Guaranteed.

And people bought it.

I certainly did.

And people sold it.

I did that, too.

And people succeeded with it.

I did, actually. 


I didn’t anymore.

Until it stopped working.

Until it felt weird. Maybe a little gross, even.

And it was then that we saw the beginning of the “One Size Fits All” Business Building Model begin to crumble.

When we realized that while this Formula may work for some people, for most people it led to failure, and in some cases, bankruptcy.

And thank goodness we realized this…and that savvy business owners are seeking business-building advice that is tailored to them, specifically, and to their client base, and to their individual business goals. 

Over to Sarah to tell why that’s so important for the growth of your company…


So what’s the deal? Why is creating a business tailored to your clients, you, and you individual goals so important? Because every single decision we make in our business will alter the direction of travel and therefore the outcome. If we aren’t looking at each choice with the question, “will this decision get me closer or farther away from what I want,” we risk ending up with a business that doesn’t fit us, our clients, or even our goals. 

I like to use the example of setting off on a hike with a compass and a direction of travel. You know that if you walk exactly S-SW for 30 miles you will reach your destination. But what happens if you decide to go take a quick swim in the lake about a mile east and then set back out and you happen to be 1 degree off… you never reach your destination. 

We want you to be successful and we want you to reach your goals. It’s what we do. Part of the work we do with our clients is to ensure that each decision is looked at with thoughtful clarity. Sure, that idea, that strategy, has made sense for other businesses. 

But does it make sense for you?


There are many ways we work with all our different clients, depending on what they want and need, but the Cadillac of them all is what we call Advisory Council. It’s not for everybody, but it’s a way of working for business owners who are ripe to scale their business, in their own unique way. 

This is important: there is no one way to grow your particular business past the natural upper limit of your particular business model. Too many business owners mistakenly believe that they “must” add a group program, passive income, membership community, or even migrate online after years of bricks-and-mortar success. This is not true – there are actually all kinds of strategies to achieve what you want. 

When you work with us as your Advisory Council, you get a business intuitive, strategist, and copywriter in your corner. We figure out which decisions you need to make first. We advise you on the different routes you can take to get where you want to go. And then we walk alongside you as you make it happen. It’s a different style of business advising and supported growth – and it’s an idea whose time is ripe.

Curious about Advisory Council? Read the full details here:

At Las Peregrinas, we believe that every single one of us has work that is ours alone to do in the world. And so we help each of our clients get clear on what that work is for them, and then design and grow their business from that placeBecause when you do, it puts magic in your socks.

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