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The Impact of an Email

By: Rebecca Liston

Dear Reader,

On Sunday night, I received an email that started with, “Hello, friend!” 

(And no, it was not a spam note from someone seeking $10,000 to get out of jail!)

Instead, it was an update from a client whom I have had the joy of serving intermittently over the past 7 years. She just wanted to pop me a note to say hello and to share some photos taken at a speaking gig she had on the weekend.

These photos – and this note – brought tears to my eyes.

To see her up on that stage, shining so bright…to feel her energy just pouring forth…it was a wonder to behold.

And it filled my heart with joy and epic reverence.

One of the greatest gifts of having clients that I have known and worked with over the course of 2, 7, 15 (yes – 15!) years is knowing deeply just how far they’ve come. Knowing their path, the obstacles they’ve faced, the stressors they’ve endured. I’ve witnessed their pain, yes, and also their moments of greatest joy – the births of babes, the giving of talks, the leaps of faith into the unknown.

What a gift it is to bear witness to the joys and sorrows of so many wonderful Humans!

And it occurs to me in this moment that perhaps this is why it is often so hard for me to explain “What I Do” when asked that question at a networking meeting or even at a family gathering.

How do I sum up my experience of over 20 years of holding space and bearing witness to the incredible Humans that make up my “Client Roster?”

Do I say I am a business coach?

I mean, is that even remotely accurate?

I don’t, after all, coach businesses.

Does the football coach actually coach the football?

Does the weight loss coach actually coach the weight? Or the weight loss for that matter?

Fact is, what I do is coach people. People who happen to own businesses. Incredible, fabulous, talented, mind-blowingly epic people whose lives are enriched and enhanced by their work in the world. 

And this realization, this recognition, if you will, was all spurred on from an email that began quite simply with a “Hello, friend…”

And that, in turn, serves as an important reminder that we just never know, do we, the impact of something so simple as an email…a kind word…a smile-across-the-ethers…


Imagine that.

Seemingly simple things can have impact beyond our imaginings.

I like that, Dear Reader. I like that a lot.

Xx Rebecca,

Rebecca Liston is cofounder and business intuitive at Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting agency. She specializes in anchoring folks in a clear-eyed understanding of which path is theirs for the taking. She’s got one foot in the land of the subtle and unseen, and the other foot firmly planted in the land of ruthless pragmatism. Oh, and she swears like a sailor, which makes us love her more.

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