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Things I have been noticing

By: Sarah Dew Whitsett

As I was thinking about what I wanted to add to the multitude of thoughts and opinions being blasted at us in our new reality, I had a hard time justifying what I could possibly contribute that may be of help.

So, I am taking a cue from my partner Rebecca, who has been posting “things I have noticed” on her Facebook page.

Maybe you have noticed these things as well and we can giggle in solidarity. Or maybe you haven’t but they make you feel good and it lifts your day just a bit.

Either way, here is what I have noticed today:

1)  People who post on social media that “you lack discipline” if you aren’t using this “down time” to work on your “side hustle” or “write that book”, SUCK.
This is fear mongering at its best – don’t buy into it.  Do what you need to do to take care of your mental health. FULL STOP. If that means sitting around in PJ’s and that your greatest accomplishment is to make yourself a good meal, then GOOD JOB!
2)  I am enjoying this time with my boys. It’s been great to slow down and spend some time with them without having to always be moving to the next activity. I know that sounds crazy given that it’s just the three of them and me and we have been at it now for going on a month. But, it’s been great. I may actually miss it when we are back to the usual routine.
3) Using this time to face my “inner dragons” has been hugely beneficial.

It is not isolation that’s your problem, but the fear of facing your inner dragons.

Those that you always wanted to get away from. Now you can’t run away.

Look them in the eyes, listen to them, and you will discover that they put you against the wall. They’ve isolated you so they can talk to you.

Like the seeds that can only sprout if they are alone.

I don’t know who said this but, wow. I realized that I was using food, work, and the evening glass of wine to avoid myself. Avoid what exactly?

My thoughts it turns out.

In the evening when I am tired my brain seems to like to look for problems and then amplifies them. I was using snacks, work, and wine to quiet the voices. This passage encouraged me to just let them run for a bit.

Here is what has transpired:

•   I don’t go to sleep as early as I used to. Apparently, I need to let the worry run for awhile as it’s been quieted for so long. I have gone from a bed time of 11 pm to around 1am. I used to worry about going to bed too late. Now, I am just letting it happen.

•   My thoughts aren’t as scary as I thought they were. Annoying and less than wonderful, sure. Scary? No.
Also, it has given me space to think creatively about solutions. Where before I would just shut it down in order to avoid even thinking about it.

4) Texting people is fun –  I have been taking this opportunity to reach out to people in our community via text and have had some of the best conversations. I am wondering why I never did this before!

What have you been noticing with the latest changes? Good, bad, or ugly. I would love to hear them.


Sarah is cofounder and strategist at Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting agency. She’s all action and no beating around the bush. A former intensive care unit nurse, if you look closely, you’ll see her continuing to run triage in her work with clients now. It’s in her bones. Sarah’s ears are tuned to the efficient and effective use of time, money, and effort, and which actions need to be taken in which order to get the result you want.

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