Yes, Spring is here – but there’s a twist

By: Sarah Dew Whitsett

This time of year in North America we suddenly or slowly, depending on what part of the continent you reside in, begin to see the beginnings of Spring. 

Here in Michigan it starts with small signs. The birds chattering a little louder than usual, the dog bringing me his toy to play with in a much more urgent way. As I look out my back window there are still no visual signs. My eyes still see winter. Piles of snow in the shady areas of the lawn, the grass is damp and sleepy, and not a single bud to be seen on the trees. 

There is a buzz, a reawakening everyone can feel even before we can see it with our eyes. 

It’s exciting and I find it spilling in to my work. 

Do you?

Where do you feel that surge of new energy of something reawakening?

That is where the magic lies. 

For me, I get such joy and energy from working on new projects with our clients and our team. 

I am following the buzz and diving into increasing the visibility of Las Peregrinas (that’s the new name that’s coming soon for our work as Sarah, Rebecca, and Stella – stay tuned for the big reveal!) so we can begin to influence more business owners to create a solid foundation on which to grow, make more money, and impact more people. 

I can’t tell you how silly I feel when I work on this. I am joyful, I find myself giggling and jumping up in excitement while working on it. 

It brings a part of my younger self back to me. The joyful girl who was excited and dove into her work. To be honest is has been decades since I found her. There have certainly been glimpses but to be honest I barely recognized her. 

The last time I bumped into this joyful young woman, I was 23 and had just started working as a nurse. Apparently, I was so joyful that a family member of a patient actually stopped me and said “I have been watching you work and it’s clear that you must really love your job.” The 23 year old me brushed it off as no big deal. The 42 year old me realizes what a gift that was and how desperately I have longed for that feeling again. 

Well I am in it and I feel giddy with excitement and possibility. 

Take a moment and remember how your work can be infused with joy this Spring Equinox. 


Sarah is cofounder and strategist at Las Peregrinas, a creative and consulting agency. She’s all action and no beating around the bush. A former intensive care unit nurse, if you look closely, you’ll see her continuing to run triage in her work with clients now. It’s in her bones. Sarah’s ears are tuned to the efficient and effective use of time, money, and effort, and which actions need to be taken in which order to get the result you want.

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